A PROBE has been launched after a petrol leak - affecting a nearby waterway - has been reported at a supermarket in East Lancashire.

Motorists have been turned away from the Tesco filling station at Haslingden after a leak into nearby Langwood Brook.

Borough council environmental health officers say that there appears to be no immediate risk to wildlife from the spillage, which is understood to have emerged yesterday.

But a multi-agency containment operation has been launched and residents are being to contact the Environment Agency if they witness any issues.

A Rossendale Council spokesman said: “We are aware that there has been an incident involving petrol leaking into Langwood Brook, Haslingden.

“A multi-agency approach is being taken on this with Lancashire County Council's petroleum officer and the Environment Agency are investigating this with Tesco.

“The council's environmental Team are monitoring the situation. There are no health risks at present, though this will continue to be monitored.

“The waters are also being closely monitored, but at present there is no issue. If any residents that live nearby are concerned please contact the Environment Agency 0800 807060.”

The station is continuing to sell diesel but the petrol sales will only resume once it has been given the all-clear by the Environment Agency.