A KEEN Claret has joined fellow National Lottery winners to build a new Dunkirk Memorial for Second World War veterans.

Burnley FC devotee Mark Fielden and his wife Jean first hit the headlines nearly 16 years ago when his lucky dip ticket scooped the couple £1.29million.

But the pair were only too happy to join a £50million work crew to erect a statue to the brave veterans of the Channel evacuation in 1940.

Imported sand from the beach of Dunkirk and newly-constructed sea groynes were included in the tribute at the National Memorial Abroretum in Staffordshire.

Mark, a textile engineer who came from a long line of farmers, said: “All the splinters and blisters have been worth it today and the end result is suitably fitting to mark the experiences and bravery that those soldiers faced on the beaches of Dunkirk.”

The Fieldens and other lottery winners were thanked for their efforts by Dunkirk veteran, 94-year-old Norman Lewis. He said: “It’s very emotional being here and seeing the project unfold. I think it’s a wonderful design and really emulates the beaches at Dunkirk.

“They have done a fantastic job in creating a lasting memorial to an important moment in British wartime history.”