EAST Lancashire MEP Sajjad Karim came second in the race for European Parliament president.

Mr Karim, from Simonstone, was beaten by German Martin Schulz, who was re-elected as leader with a 308-vote majority.

Conservative Mr Karim received 101 votes, beating other nominations Pablo Iglesias and Ulrike Lunacek who both received 51 votes.

Mr Schulz became the first MEP in history to be re-elected for a second consecutive term in office.

The results were announced yesterday after a ballot of all MEPs took place in Strasbourg.

Mr Karim managed to get more than 30 votes from outside his party.

Speaking after the results were announced, Mr Karim said: “The people of Europe have sent a very clear message to us that things cannot carry on as they are.

“Unfortunately the very first thing this parliament has done is to reject the people’s voice and say to them, despite what you have said, we are going to carry on as we have done.”