BROCKHOLES Nature Reserve is appealing for volunteers to help mark the Summer Solstice tomorrow.

Volunteers are needed to created a new stone circle at the reserve in Samlesbury.

Help is needed to move the stones from the edge of the car park to a viewing area on higher ground.

The circle will be created using different stones to reflect the wide variety of stone can be found across Lancashire.

Lancashire Wildlife Trust senior conservation officer John Lamb said: “We will need help to move the stones, using levers, to dig the holes, to collect packing stones, to pull the stones into position and to backfill the hole.

“Over a 12-hour period between 9.40am and 9.40pm we hope to get at least three stones in place, out of a total of 13 which form a circle.

“The aim is for the last one to be put into place in the evening as the sun is setting.

“The first stones are limestone and are coming from Back Lane Quarry near Carnforth, care of Aggregate Industries.

“Millstone grit is coming from Pendle Hill and there will be sandstone from Grindleton Fell.

Haslingden flagstone will be coming from the Rossendale area .

“The other stones will, hopefully, be placed in the ground during the celebrations for Lammas, the Autumn Equinox, Halloween, with the circle being completed at the Winter Solstice on December 21.”

For more details, call Brockholes on 01772 872000.