WATER pipes across East Lancashire are returning to normal following reports of ‘bubbles in the water” over the Bank Holiday weekend.

United Utilities reports  that engineers traced the event to a local pumping station in the Ribble Valley.

Customers called the company’s emergency helpline reporting “white water” coming from their taps.

Large parts of Blackburn, Clitheroe, Mellor and Langho were all affected.

The Warrington-based supplier said today: “Investigations point to a local pumping station and fluctuating pressure in a large 30 inch water main which feeds local communities through a network of smaller 4 inch pipes.

“Air was sucked into the pipe causing the ‘white water’ effect creating millions of tiny air bubbles to form.

“Whilst harmless the bubbles clear naturally when left to stand.”

Water engineers are patrolling the area checking thousands of miles of pipes ensuring all bubbles have fizzled out.