A 46-YEAR-old man has been found not guilty of indecently assaulting two boys in the 1980s and 1990s.

Following a five-day trial, Nazir Master was cleared of the four allegations of indecent assault against the youngsters.

Speaking after the verdict, Mr Master said he and his family had been through a ‘stressful’ time since the allegations had been made. And the tax specialist said he was glad the ordeal was now over.

Mr Master, of Langham Road, Blackburn, said: “My children have been going to their exams and my son has been doing his A-Levels throughout this.

“It has been a very stressful time for all the family.”

It took a jury at Preston Crown Court just over three hours to clear Mr Master of the charges.

It had been alleged that he had coaxed the boys into his house telling them he needed help with decorating or work before assaulting them.

But Christopher Diamond, for the defendant, had told the court during his closing speech that Mr Master could not have been guilty because he had been working in London when the assaults were said to have taken place.

He also told the jurors the complainants might have had ‘some sort of hatred’ for Mr Master because he was ‘bi-curious’, resulting in them plotting against him.

Speaking outside the courtroom after the not guilty result, Mr Master’s brother-in-law said family life could now get back to normal.

He said: “We are so relieved the trial is over now.

“The big thing was Nazir could not speak to his son because of the disgrace, but now he has got his reputation back.

“Nazir is a well-known person in the community and we all believed in him.” Another of Mr Master’s relatives said they hoped nobody else would have to go through what he had.

She said: “It has been so difficult, even though we knew he was not guilty, because he was so scrutinised.

“It has been horrible, but we have always known he was innocent.

“He has the support of all the family. Every single person has supported him.

“We have not been able to sleep or eat properly. This has ruined his reputation.

“At least he can get on with his life and move on.

“We want to say thanks to Andrew Cowan and Sida Hussain from CM Solicitors in Manchester. They have been a big support to us.”