A SPATE of arson attacks prompted call-outs to the fire brigade.

Crews in Blackburn were called to four different fires which were started deliberately on Saturday and in the early hours of Sunday.

At 8.10pm, they attended an out-of-control garden fire in Adelaide Terrace, off Preston New Road, and at 9.30pm, they went to Pankhurst Close, near Fishmoor Reservoir, after commercial recycling bins were targeted by firebugs.

Half an hour later, they were called to deal with a rubbish fire in Duckworth Street And at 3.15am, arsonists torched wheelie bins close to a home in Essex Close.

A fire service spokesman said: “People don’t realise when they set a fire to wheelie bins, just how easily that can spread to nearby properties.

“What may be a prank may go wrong, and cause damage or endanger lives.”

He added: “We are dealing with police, and we have information about it.”