TERRIER Toby has found a ‘wheely’ good home after a mis-diagnosis led to one of his legs being amputated.

Watch Toby in action here

The three-legged dog, who spends the majority of his time on his wheels, was wrongly thought to have spina bifida when he was a puppy.

His future looked bleak until he was rescued by Steve Maney and his wife Poppy, who own K9 Health and Hydrotherapy in Rimington.


The couple adopted the two-year-old dog when Steve came across Toby’s story on Facebook and are now raising money for an MRI scan to see what the dog’s condition may be.

After months of intensive swimming sessions at Steve’s rehabilitation and fitness centre, based at Howgill Farm, Toby now lives a good life and is a strong swimmer.

Steve said: “I followed Toby’s journey online and was disappointed to see that he had his leg taken off before any hydrotherapy treatment was given.

“I just thought ‘Right, stop everything there and give him here.’ “So when we got him home he had the correct treatment and we managed to get him walking on his remaining back leg. His other leg had been taken off because it was paralysed and he kept dragging it along. He grazed and cut it all of the time and it became sore.”

A £300 donation has already come from Pendle Dog Rescue centre and Steve is now trying to raise £1,300 for the scan.

Toby is showing signs of improvement with the help of his rehabilitation programme, but without a scan his condition could worsen if he isn’t given the right treatment.


Steve said: “If nobody can help then we will cover as much as we can and give him the therapy he needs.

“Even if we can just raise the money for his MRI that would be fantastic and we can take care of the treatment. We took him in as a rescue dog and feel that he deserves the help to live a normal life.”

To make a donation towards Toby’s treatment visit www.caninehealthandhydro.com