A ‘UNIQUE’ war memorial in Slaidburn could be restored after falling into disrepair.

The memorial at St Andrew’s Church records both the names of soldiers from the Hodder Valley who died during the First World War and those who survived.

The three-panelled plaque was been sent to York to be examined by experts to see what can be done to restore the fading delicate paper under the glass cover.

It’s hoped that the restoration will be on vellum which could extend its life into the next century.

An update on the future of the memorial will be given at a meeting on Sunday.

Revd George Darby said: “It’s a unique memorial and very important to people in the area.

“I don’t think that there are many memorials around that not only record those who died but also those who survived.

“I think they tend to be forgotten sometimes but it’s so important to remember their sacrifice as well.

“The work could cost up to £600 which is a lot of money for a rural church to try and raise.

“It’s not been restored since it was installed just under 100 years ago and I hope that if the work is carried out that it will still be around for another 100 years or so.

“The parish will do all it can to make sure it’s restored to the best possible condition.”