EIGHTEEN new allotments are set to get the green light after a four year bureaucratic battle.

Villagers have been attempting to secure a site for the plots off Blackwood Road, adjacent to Stacksteads Riverside Park, since 2010.

Coun Jackie Oakes, of Stacksteads Allotment Society, said delays were put on the plans when the group discovered responsibility for the land was split between the borough and county authorities.

Then, in 2012, the Stacksteads Countryside Park Group put in proposals for allotments, and held the lease, but did not take the plans through to completion.

Coun Oakes said 18 months ago, a core group of member asked residents if they wanted to form Stacksteads Allotment Society, which many did, and then put in a proposal.

She said: “We’re keeping our fingers crossed that it is passed by the planning committee now.

“It’s gone on for so long and we’d be very happy if it went through.

“We’ve got tenants for all the plots. It’s on a site of old, empty garages, which is a real mess, and all the local residents are in favour of the plans.

“It’s a very environmentally friendly use for a disused piece of land.

“I’m on the planning committee and have an interest in this, so I won’t be discussing or voting on the plans at the development control meeting on Tuesday.”

The group is hoping to be awarded cash from the Awards for All pot from the Big Lottery to carry out the work, and possibly access some money allocated to allotments by Rossendale Council.

Coun Oakes said: “A lot of the allotment members have been doing work on the site themselves, tidying it up. But there’s some really heavy work to be done there to get it in good shape.”

The planning committee will meet at The Futures Park in Bacup on Tuesday at 6.30pm.