RETIRED weaver Sarah Aspden was joined by friends, family and the Mayor of Pendle to celebrate her 100th birthday.

Sarah, better known as Sally, received a telegram from the Queen, and a dozen cards and balloons at Victoria House nursing home in Brierfield.

Sue Williams, manager of the home in Victoria Avenue, said: “It was a very special day. Even though more people reach 100 now, it’s still quite an achievement.

"Sally’s got a lovely character on her good days. She has a really big smile. She’s lived here since 2008, but has lived in Brierfield and Nelson all her life.

“She had two sons, Gordon and Geoffrey, and was still weaving into her retirement.”

The telegram from the Queen reads: “I’m pleased to know that you are celebrating your 100th birthday on February 13.

“I send my celebrations and best wishes to you on such a special occasion. Signed – Elizabeth R.”