TWIN Olympic athletes who recently retired from Team GB are passing on their years of training by setting up a gym in Rawten-stall called Prime Personal Training.

Brothers Joe and Sam Tomlin-son, 22, from Haslingden, reached the pinnacle of their sports, freestyle skiing and gymnastics respectively, before leaving professional competition due to inj-uries in 2012.

Joe, who lives with Sam and their parents in Whitecroft Meadows, was trying a new trick while skiing in the Czech Republic, when he landed badly.

He said: “I was going backwards on the jump, which was as high as a house and had a 40 to 50-metre landing.

“ I was doing two backflips and three spins, and landing back-wards. It had been really windy all day, but the wind had dropped, and I took the jump at the speed I would have for the windy conditions.

“I landed 10 metres beyond where I should have, basically onto concrete flat ground. I tore two ligaments in my leg and had bone swelling. I can’t really ski any more. It’s a shame.”

Sam retired at around the same time after suffering knee injuries.

He said: “Sam and I are friends and it’s good working together.

“I’ve trained five or six times a week for 10 years, and Sam’s done different types of training every week too. We’ve been trained by the best in the world, and comp-eted all over the world. We want to pass our knowledge on to people, whether they want to lose weight, bulk up, train for chall-enges, or professional sports.”

The gym, a converted wareh-ouse unit, in Bacup Road, fits 12 people, and has spinning runs on Monday and Wednesday nights, and Saturday mornings, and circuit classes on Tuesday and Thursday nights.

For more information, call Joe on 07593 962974, or Sam on 07711 025707, or e-mail info@pt-prime.