A DECISION to refuse planning permission for three wind turbines in Colne has been upheld following an appeal.

The scheme for Jerusalem Farm, in Skipton Old Road, Colne, attracted criticism because the 34-metre high wind turbines would be visible for miles around.

Planning inspector Alison Partington agreed with councillors and said the turbines would cause ‘significant harm’ to the character of the landscape.

She said: “Whilst I accept that the landscape may not have any specific designation, it is clear from the letters from local residents that it is highly valued, as are the extensive network of footpaths that cross the area.”

Coun Paul White said: “I am pleased we made the right decision at the planning committee.

“We have looked at every one of these applications carefully and been very careful to refuse applications that we think are creating a wind farm by stealth, and the planning inspector seems to agree with us.

“The planning inspector feels that area is full for wind turbines and that is enough, which stands us in good stead for future applications.

“We try to take a very balanced view and we have approved wind turbines in that area – we approved one for a neigh- bouring farm at the same planning meeting because the turbines were hidden from view in the location.

“The planning inspector did say that although the area has no national designation, the countryside in Pendle is clearly very special to the people who live locally.”