A COUNCILLOR has written to a senior police boss after concerns over the future of Ramsbottom police station following an announcement that 700 officers could be axed across Greater Manchester.

In a letter to Greater Manchester’s Police and Crime Commissioner Tony Lloyd, Coun Ian Bevan called for assurances that GMP would not remove bobbies on the beat in Ramsbottom.

Coun Bevan said: “In Ramsbottom, the number of officers has reduced to just one beat officer and a part-time PCSO.

“A further concern is the removal of officers from the township at weekends, to assist in Bury town centre, leaving us without officers on patrol.

“You will be aware of recent reported incidents of violent crime in Ramsbottom town centre, and its impact on the confidence of residents to come to the town centre in the evening.

“Ramsbottom in particular is endeavouring to be a premier tourist destination, and the lack of officers to police the area at night is becoming most troublesome. Insp Williams also confirms that we are seeing an increase in anti-social behaviour.

“Residents, traders and councillors were also most concerned regarding the future of Ramsbottom Police Station amid rumours that it is to be sold off, giving the police no base in our township.”

In response, Chief Superintendent Tim Forber, said: “There are no plans at this time to close the Ramsbottom police station. But as is to be expected the force will continue to review options around its estate as it looks to make the necessary savings to the budget.

“We are actively exploring options right across Bury to share space with other public services and I am very clear that we will continue to have a policing base in Ramsbottom in the future."

“Ramsbottom remains one of the safest places across Greater Manchester – to live and visit and violent crime right across the north of the borough has fallen by 15 per cent.”